Initial Scribbling

To be honest, this is my first time of writing anything on wordpress and I cannot fully express my excitement at finally being able to share my thoughts and opinions with the world through this particular medium.

The best way to begin is to introduce my self by saying :

Hello everyone, my name is Olujimi Adekahunsi, but I’d prefer you called me Jimi as in /d3mi:/in my Yoruba mother tongue or better yet the English Jimmy would do quite nicely in referring to me by name.

I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and have lived all my life in and around the city which is affectionately referred to as “LASGIDI or “GIDI” by most Nigerian youths.

I am presently in my final year at the University of Lagos which we call UNILAG and I am studying to get a degree in Mass Communication.

I like to meet people and make friends. A little shy on first introduction but I believe that I am generally your not-too- assuming type of guy who loves everything simple and bears no hard feelings towards anyone. 

I shall try my best to be entertaining and hope to gather enough followers that would make me proud and feel appreciated.

I would appreciate your candid opinions and suggestions by way of comments, likes or dislikes, which would prove to me that what I would be posting is either making sense or not and by so doing amend my thought process.

I really want to know what you people out there think of certain issues which I would be discussing subsequently in the future. But for now I bid you WELCOME!!!

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