Who asked You Mr President?

My dear President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I and indeed all of Nigeria and particularly the Staff and Students (both present and past) would like to know who put such an idiotic idea into your head. We want to remain University of Lagos and do not want our name changed.

It comes as a surprise that of all the problems that you are trying but failing to fix, you single out changing the name of a University that has single-handedly produced the most notable amount of prestigious people in Nigeria since 1962 to Moshood Abiola University which in eventuality  would end up raising the price of our school fees to an unaffordable amount.. A situation which we find pathetic. We would like to know  what you have been doing in government because we the students of this great university have not felt the dividends of your democracy since you assumed power and are still grappling with the same problems which your government has failed to address since your administration came on board.

And for God sake, we have not even properly buried our beloved Vice-Chancellor and

you spring this on us? Therefore I and fellow thinkers like me ask whether this is the right way to rule a country as large as Nigeria and we would like to remind you that we are no longer in the era of Proclamations and Promulgations.

We have not asked you to privatise our University (no offence to the private universities) and we would avidly resist this move if you or any arm of your government should you think of doing such in future.

We are still grappling with some of your unfavourable policies and trying to do our best as good Nigerian Students that we are, but the pronouncement you have made not only goes against our grain, it is totally unacceptable as it would not only rubbish the image that we are energetically trying to maintain nationally, but also internationally.

Do not forget that not all Nigerians particularly the youths have forgiven you Mr President for that “Stunner” you pulled on us on New Year’s day. You remember don’t you?

I ask you Mr President, if any of your relatives (for I am sure there are whether distant or not) was in a reputable institution like UNILAG,  would you change the name and rubbish his/her certificate? 

Just food for thought.

We want you to know that there is already an institution which has been dedicated to the late Political Martyr in the  form of the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta and we do not need another one, at least not at this time.

So our dear President, Commander-in –Chief  of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, kindly revert our name back to what it was before so that at our certificates would not be rubbished and the international universities to which we are now partnered would not see us as unserious and therefore withdraw their partnership and embarrass us in the full view of both local and international media.

We Nigerian Students (not just UNILAG) are quite aware of government’s tactic  of solving problems by changing names, and expecting such problems to resolve themselves, but what you must know is that people cause problems and it would be the same people that would solve them.

So I ask, what has Nigeria gained since the Nigeria Electric Power Authority (NEPA) was changed to Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN)?

The answer, if you truly search by asking those on the peripheral fringes of Aso Rock there in Abuja under your nose is simple and obvious: “Nothing.

There are clear and imminent issues on ground  such as electricity, portable drinking water, Polio in the Northern region of the country, insecurity, low morale in the Police Force and the bloody Boko Haram for Christ sake.

Choose and address any of these issues instead o complicating issues for the Nigerian student trying hard to get a degree from a higher institution of learning.

What has Nigerian leadership come to? 

You have tried but you have not done enough to impact Nigerians all over the country and the youths are even now doubting whether they did not make a mistake when they voted you into that office where you now sit to represent our interest and whether you are indeed truly representing our interest at all, but by making such a pronouncement that you  have just made, it has become glaring that you are at your wit’s end and are trying to stay on top of issues that would soon go beyond your control and in the process kill the last kindling flame that this great country Nigeria has.

  Accede to our wishes and the country would forever be grateful to you for relenting on such folly.

We say here in Lagos that there are only two Universities in Nigeria; The University of Lagos and Ohers….

We are proud of our name and do not want it changed.

Consider this Mr President.Do not maul us

We don’t want MAUL.

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