Still on the Matter

Our dear Mr President, it is clear that you were ill-advised on the issue of immortalising the late politician an business magnate, Chief MKO Abiola (of blessed memory), but there are other things we, Nigerian youths think you should have done which are more important to us rather than play politics with our lives and education, because that it what your statement appears to connote.

You could for instance improve the quality of the infrastructure of the Institution; or even let me not even talk about UNILAG, improve the quality of the infrastructure in the Nigerian university where you graduated from (i.e your alma mater)[wherever that is] and let them feel your impact that at least one of their own has risen up the ranks of government and has remembered his roots. So I ask you, our dear President, have you remembered your roots?

That is a question which only you can answer as you have forgotten the speck in your own eye and are trying to remove the plank from ours. What kind of leadership example are you portraying to us? A leadership that does not recognise the people that it leads?

You people in government are supposed to be our role models, but sadly, in this very Nigeria, this is not the case. So I ask:

“Are we the youths of today supposed to follow the example of a leader that flouts the due process he swore before the whole country and international witnesses to protect?”

I leave this question to be answered by all and sundry in honest truthfulness.

Remember that the voice of the people is the voice of God and this has held true through all the ages and civilisations that have gone before us. You do not mess with the ‘true’ conscience of the people. You just don’t.

Do that and you as the leader must bear the consequences and your name forever listed on the dark pages of history as that leader that did not accede to the voice of his people. You alone will be blamed, no matter how many advisers, ministers and emissaries you have around you.

I ask again: Do you Mr President want your name penned on the wrong pages of academic history as the person who in one fell swoop demolished an Eifel tower of knowledge and a great bastion of education in Nigeria? Trust me, Mr President, you honestly do not want that burden on your shoulders after you leave office till you die. And even, after your demise, how do you want to be remembered?

You figure that out yourself if you go ahead with your ‘un-beneficial’ plan which has been denounced by those to whom this issue matters most.

Your offer we can see, was ‘well-intentioned’ but your delivery was poor politically, that even I, a person who has just passing interest in Nigerian politics could see through your 2015 agenda to woo the South-west to your support. So politically, you have shot yourself in the foot and from how things play out in the coming events of the immediate future, you can bet your best traditional hat, that you have lost  the backing of the Lagosian youth as a result of your political gymnastics.

I for one (I do not know about others) have no intention of voting for you anyway, so you can be certain that you have lost one youth.

I will continue with what the layman thinks of Nigerian government and its politics another time and let you in Mr President, into how the mind of the average youth works, his thinking process and his general perception of you.

So as a reminder, consider on what page of Nigerian academic history you want to be remembered: either as the ruler who shot its educational bastion to bits in the spirit of democracy or the person who admitted his error and tried his best to assuage the needs of the Nigerian youth.

It’s your choice Mr President. Remember that you alone will bear the consequences and no one else for sacrificing University of Lagos on your altar of political ambition; you alone!               

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