Of Car thieves, Madmen and Robbers

Really the security of this nation of ours that we call Nigeria is in shambles! Why do I say this, well read on and you’ll understand soon enough…
The spate of robberies in Surulere axis of Lagos has really become alarming to such a point that if one is not careful, one might lose one’s belongings to these creatures of the night
Sometime a year ago a car theft (Grand Theft Auto, for those of you who have played the game) was carried out at my uncle’s compound where a Toyota Camry was stolen. It is of note to say that any form of robbery has not occured since 1975, or so my ucle says…
Anyway, the record was broken in 2013. Now towards the middle of 2014, we witness an increase in the nefarious activities of these bad eggs of the society.
A fortnight ago, they struck again at my uncle’s and attempted another GTA on my uncle’s car (a Toyota Corrola), but when they saw that it wasnt possible, they made away with the brain box of the car.
The very next week a Break-in and Entry (B&E) occurred in the next house to my right through the low fence of the office to my left and with that they gained access and raped a 14 year-old girl.
The punks decided to visit again, but this time my neighbours were vigilant and they fled by the way they came, but unfortunately they left an accomplise (for that is what I’d call him) who to me and all present at the time, like he was crazy. The Police was summoned and they roughed the guy up a bit and took him away. But what baffled me was that the Police said that they would not be able to prosecute the guy. They said, “as soon as we get him to the station, they would have to release him because, he’s,a mad man”.
Now, the question begs; how do we bring crazy, “madmen” rapist accomplices to justice under the Nigerian law and constitution? I leave that to my lawyer friends to handle. I believe that surely, the can find something in their old books.
Be that as it may, what criminal worth his evilness would attempt to go back to the same place where he and his gang committed a crime, going in by the same method and expect not to get caught or at least noticed?
The answer to that is impossible as those who were relaxed before would surely be on their guard and be vigilant about their surroundings and be suspicious of any shady charcter.
This was the fate of the said rapists who left their accomplice to be caught, when they came back two nights ago for more rolls in the hay with a 14 year-old

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