why all the fuss?

I have read all three books of “Fifty Shades of Grey” and I find it not only interesting but stimulating as well…(being a guy, I hope you my lady friends understand my choice of words when I say stimulating) and I particularly find it as a good read.The type of book you can get into a bath tub  and have a good soak with and relax.

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And I must confess that when I first read the first instalment, I wanted more as it awoke in me something that had been lying dormant for long… This is not to say that I endorse putting women under the heel of submission, but there is a certain satisfaction in knowing that your partner/spouse is open to try new and interesting things with you in the comfort of your bedroom. Call it “additional bedmatics” if you will.

So I would want to say to those who criticise the books and movie to look into themselves and not be prudish  as I would ask them if they feel comfortable holding back their passions and desires from their lovers/spouses… thereby denying themselves the hedonistic pleasures of lovemaking which can also be used to spice up their ‘in-door’ procreation activities as well?

As to the quirky behaviours of movie goers in response to the film… well, it can be surmised that it has either been long they’ve been laid or the yearning was just too strong. I would just want to advice that they carry on their business in private and not in public as that’s what I would do too, should I find myself in such a situation: being horny as hell and needing release; sexually.

We are human beings and as such we have needs; needs that can sometimes be met or not met, but needs all the same. And remember, this is just part one of the trilogy, so you critics should expect more quirky behaviour when parts two and three are out. Let’s just hope people don’t react impulsively like they did to the first one.

I therefore wish  the readers of the books, happy reading and the viewers of the movie happy viewing…

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