stick shift

There are times when I wake in the middle of the night with a woody so stiff  that  it difficult to go back to sleep after having one of those fantasy dreams that linger in your mind long after you’ve dreamt them and you are like,”can a girl allow me to do that to her…is it even possible?!” and there are also days when your subconscious decides to constantly remind you (rubbing it in your face, mind you) of those treats and charms you could be enjoying instead of sitting home. Thoughts of a warm body, lovely perfume and a beautiful female that you’d have to peel of your skin after a spectacular night and day of nothing but thorough loving….[ yeah, I know the feeling].

Being a guy, you are almost always horny as f***, and it can be quite embarrassing at times, especially when you are around female company and by female company, I mean stunning female company, its kind of hard to stay cool. Most brothers pull this off very well with an aloofness that is out of this world which yours truly really has to learn and adopt as a code.

Just in case any of my fellow guys who may stumble over this blog, having a stick shift is good, though it may be a nuisance in some cases… you know what I’m talking about… it tells you that you are still functional and not inept in the most basic function, human procreation, what you as a guy has to focus on is satisfying your partner and not being afraid to try out new things or even introduce new life to your love life  while also taking care of your sexual health.

Like I said, having a stiffy  is good, and thank your stars if you are able to have them on a regular. One advice though.. go easy on the lady…. will you?     

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