Remembering July 17

I  woke up today to the sound of my alarm  and lo and behold the reminder said’ ‘Day of my tryst’ that is to say that it has been exactly one year since I last was with a woman and also the day I lost my virginity and I remember quite well the preparations and measures I took towards making that event happen and also called the lady in question ad brought a smile to her cheeks as I took her down memory lane. She taught me a lot of things, added o the other things I already know about sex but that day was the day I really experienced it for myself and believe me, I have been looking for a repeat performance.

I remember this day because I was shown love and shared love with someone wonderful who opened her heart and soul to me  and I glimpsed what it meant to really be cherished. I wouldn’t go into details of how it went down, so as not to be a braggart, I’ll leave that to your imagination, but on this day I learnt something… that I could share of myself even as I appreciate someone else also sharing of themselves.

I thank the lady who opened my eyes to this wonderful experience, though we are not together now, you know you are always in my heart and I in yours…

Its like you said…naughty me   


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