Single man blues

I have come to realise that things do not always go your way and I feel like I’m serving out some penance for something I know not what. Somehow I have not yet felt that spark. The spark that you feel when you sight that one person that can make your breath hitch and the electric chemistry connection you feel when they are near which is impossible to ignore and shake off. Well… I have not felt that spark in recent times and even longer since I truly felt that spark for anyone.
Days go by and I wonder if I’ll ever find my missing rib out there. My soulmate who would complement me and make my heart beat faster .
Well I am looking for someone who is of like mind with me and think along the same lines as I do.
So therefore I wait for her to show up as I’m furtively on the look out should she appear.
And so I wait, anxious to meet her

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