What would you do in this situation?


So  I was watching this movie about this guy who got sacked from his job and had to resort to impregnating lesbian women who wanted to have kids for some profit in order to maintain his standard of living.
Looking at the story from a pragmatic point of view; a guy has has to do what a guy has to do in order to survive. OK. I’m an advocate of that.
But there are certain things in the movie that I want to point out. The dude’s girlfriend is a bisexual lesbian and she was the one who advised him to venture into such a “practice”. The good side is he got paid and got to be with a whole lot of pretty women who wanted to have a baby the “old fashion ” way without the paternity hang ups and drama.
And I got to thinking, what would I do if I found out my girlfriend/fiancé is a lesbian bisexual? Hell I for one ( don’t know about you) would be beyond ecstatic if I was involved in a three way with them, provided the other partner accepts, of course. Just like what happened at the end of the film. But I may not go as far as having 19 kids with other women, unless its a business venture, of course with exclusive mutual consent.
What I’d give to be in that guy’s shoes… mehn, God knows… but this is my own thoughts on the matter, what are yours?

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