The Thick waisted women Advocate

Looking for a sugar mummy in Lagos seems not particularly hard but difficult. The problem being where to look. I ask myself where they hang out and how do I meet them?
Ever since I was young, reading magazines like Hints where stories about meeting these gorgeous society people who are well to do were richly described and in the end the characters in the stories fell in love and drove away into the sunset, living happily ever after.
That was in the early1990’s. But that somehow sparked in me a fascination for the older opposite sex. Now in today’s world with magazines such as Hustler, Playboy, Penthouse and the likes access to yummy pictures of hot mammas is just a few bucks away but I still want to meet one of them thick waisted and heavy thighed goddesses


who are bedroom freaks and know how to turn a young guy on.
Yes you can say I’m attracted to older women.
Having just come to this realisation, the next step is to see if I can meet these beautiful people and see if we can hit it off and from there get to know each other a little better…


And yes, I’d advocate for my thick waisted ladies because I belive  they are loving and passionate and deserve love and to be loved too. So this year as I said I hope to meet one or more of these pretties and see how it goes…who knows, it might be the start of a real nice relationship that might end up in me never getting enough of her wild side…


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