Thoughts of a Shy guy

Ever try to get into the head of a shy young man when he sees a lady he likes…especially if she’s well endowed.
In his mind she’s his as soon as he sets eyes on her. In his mind, they are one and happy together but in reality he hasn’t said a word. He’s probably watching her from afar off and she’s probably not aware of his feelings towards her. She obviously doesn’t know that she lights up his world when he sees her and his day is made when she walks by. Every word that she speaks to him is treasured gold and precious. She’s his queen. All this goes on in his mind but he hasn’t said a word.
One might think he’s mentally torturing himself, but to him, its like being given the opportunity to test drive that dream car he’s always wanted to drive but couldn’t afford to buy.
To him she’s precious and lustrous like polished stone with a high shine. He doesn’t want to dim that shine.
Truth is, he wants to speak to her but doesn’t know how to approach the issue without messing it up and embarrassing himself and her as well. Also he doesn’t want to embark on an action where after summoning his courage to speak to his “lady”, he gets a rejection. His ego is further bruised if he’s derided and ridiculed and he becomes uncomfortably self conscious as he tries to pick himself up after such an unfortunate encounter with the female.

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