emotions running wild

Sometimes looking for love can be pure suckage! Yes,suckage in the sense that you are attracted to those who do not even know you even exist. Why in God’s name would your  heart beat for someone who never even knew you were there and those who do take notice of you have your heart smashed under mallets the size and weight of Thor’s hammer?

Sometimes it hurts to look at a couple in embrace, even if they are just pretending to be friends. It only highlights how lonely I am and emphasise my need for company- company that is real slow in coming and I try to take stock and see if there is indeed anything that is scaring the girls away and I can’t seem to find any.

My little experience in the forays of love and courtship may be limited, but I do have plenty of love to share and I wonder why these ladies can’t see that. Or maybe its because of the money, one never really knows these days and yes,I am shy, but I’m fun once you get to know me… You see that’s the issue I have with them girls…”the-getting-to-know-me” part.

One thing ladies ought to know is that guys don’t come preset with certain qualities or characteristics. There is no add and fast rule when it comes to guys. We must watch out for those things we want just as you ladies do too.

Just thought to let you know straight up

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