My traitorous body

New environment, new things, new people. Beautiful people. Beautiful ladies.

I’ve not been around such beauties in such a long time. Not that it’s not a good thing, its just that with so many beauties around, my composure seems to be threatened, particularly when I’ve secretly imagined doing real naughty “hush-hush” things with most of them. Thus it would seem that everyday is a fight to keep the hard-on down before anyone notices.

Most times though, this body of mine mostly refuses to cooperate and I have to leave the immediate area in order to avoid detection.

It’s not like in this day and age, one can just call a lady over and say, ” Hey, wanna f@#$&k?”without the lady looking at you some how, unless that’s her line of work. And even these days, ladies of the night want to be treated properly.

As for me, sometimes, the situation is welcome; as it reminds me that I’m still attracted to the fairer sex and my sexual proclivities aren’t in question, at other times, it can be a nuisance, particularly at times when I need to be focused or I’m in a serious environment or dealing with pertinent issues.

God, I love ladies! Particularly with the way and lengths they go to in order to get a guy’s attention and then play hard to get. It’s really hilarious, but then again, we the guys just have to suck it up sometimes, you know, act like we aren’t looking when we are, act like we don’t want it when we obviously do.

It’s called “the chase”. So I heard. Some seem to enjoy it, some don’t. They see it as bothersome.

In the end, it’s all a part of wooing, how one goes about it is what is different.

I just hope I know what I’m doing when I get to cross that bridge and come out on top and with a positive result

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