How I remember Life

I sit back and reminisce to my first year in the University all those years ago how after my higher education, I wanted to be married and settled by 32 with my wife and 2.5 kids, living in a nice home and working in a good company and earning enough to cater to mine and my family’s needs.

Well now I’m 33, still single and very lonely and still very far from accomplishing all those things that I had set in my head as targets to reach and all the things that I still have yet to accomplish. Life has taught me a very eye- opening experience.

I’m of the school of thought that one should not give up and continue striving till there’s no breath left in the lungs anymore and do one’s best in every situation so that if anything those around me can at least say that “I tried….”

In my experience in life, there has been ups and downs as everyone in this life has experienced, some have got up and some have stayed down and some have picked themselves up and made something better

I hope I’m in the latter category as I intend to strive hard and God-willing, move past all my present challenges to fulfill His will in my life as well as achieving my goals along the way.


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