Thirsting for you

The days stretch so long they seem to blend together

I lose count sometimes… but of one thing I cannot lose count of is your warm embrace

Always there for me like a warm blanket, always calming my storm like the first rays of sunshine on a new day

I must admit to myself and to you that your  absence has taken more out of me than I ever imagined

Now my eyes are constantly watching the path as I listen for your footsteps

No one else can fill this void you’ve left in my heart. Neither food nor drink.

I go through the motions everyday waiting, thirsting for your return.

Because without you everything is all grey and dull, you bring the colour to my life.

Please don’t take too long on your journey and return quickly,

for I’m like a parched land without you waiting for your refreshing spring

And so I wait… thirsting for you…

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