Flames of Passion

I wish you were here now, stoking my fire as my passion burns fiercely bright as I lie in my empty bed lonely and in want.

For long, I search and wait and look for you, yearning , searching , longing and still watching out for you waiting even unto the point of despair, if and when you’ll ever come.

How can I deal with all these emotions churning within me? I seem misunderstood these days as I strive to be patient in my watch for you. Waiting and hoping that perhaps, you’d come by and grace me with your presence.

I watch for you eagerly, as a farmer watches the sky for rain, so he can feel heaven’s dew on himself and his crops and what wonderful crop I do watch the skies for- the crop of love  waiting for your tender dew to fall on me as you bless me with your presence.

Sometimes I feel that all this waiting is for naught, and you’ve already pass me by and are long gone. I just a shadow of a thought on your mind, a passing fancy even. One here and long faded into oblivion.

Still I burn with a fiery passion whose flames only you can keep alive , even as I burn just as coals burn, wanting, needing and waiting for you to spark up the flames of my passion as only you can.


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