Holding Space

Love this…


Hands traipsing lightly across my back.  Strong.  Soft.  Cloaked in darkness, I am engulfed by the feel of your skin against mine.  No pretense and no space between us.  Lips pressed together, limbs entangled, even breath enmeshed.  This is ours.

When all beyond this room is peril, we are yet we.  Naked.  Safe. Warm. Comfortable. Home.

This is the haven I know.  Where you wrap yourself around me and create space for my tears and my longing.  Relief.  Release.

They do not know this part of you.  They- whoever they are- do not exist in this space.  It is the space you hold for me.

This space where you are confident in your knowing,  assured in your doing.  Where you take what you want from me.  Where I cannot bend over to run a bath without you pushing yourself inside me.  Demanding.  Giving.  No questions. No conversation.  No negotiation of…

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